Professional In-Home Care Assessment

How to get started with Elevate Home Care.

The team at Elevate Home Care understand that the process of starting Home Care can be an overwhelming. Often we encounter families and patients with more questions than answers. Our Client Care Coordinator specializes in developing an appropriate care plan to suit everyone’s individual needs.

The main component to our Free-Consultation includes a visit, to your home, where a Comprehensive Needs Assessment takes place. This gives our Client Care Coordinator a moment to sit and listen to our clients, and construct an individual care plan. Comprehensive Needs Assessments includes:

  1. Listen to you: We strive to create a relationship that is founded on dignity and respect for those whom we care for.

  2. Needs Assessment: The Client Care Coordinator will evaluate for services designed to support activities of daily living, cognitive function, and mobility.

  3. Cost of Home Care: We strive for transparency and understanding for our patients concerning the cost of Home Care. The Client Care Coordinator will provide a comprehensive overview of the cost associated to you. Also, we can help you navigate your insurance company and more effectively and prepare you with the information you need.

  4. Customized Care Plan: The Care plan breaks down the activities you would expect our caregivers to and help facilitate.


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